Terry McLeish with Terry Tufts

Terry McLeish with Terry Tufts

8:00 PM Sat Nov 15, 2014

At Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill Ave
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Online tickets $20 available now!!
Singer/songwriter Terry McLeish is an Ottawa Valley icon whose songs have won international acclaim and have been recorded and performed by others.

Raised in a military family and growing up in the 60’s, Terry couldn’t help being influenced by the great songwriters of the era and as well , the often humorous trials and tribulations of those who just want to live their lives their own way.

His songs reflect those battles that include cowboys and cowgirls, hobos and misfits, small towns and folks who just can’t win for losing. Having just got off a recent two-year stint with The Stone Fence Theatre, Terry is currently performing and writing for his second album to be released in the coming year.

Accompanying Terry McLeish will be Terry Tufts, legendary Canadian songwriter, performer and guitarist. Tufts continues to wow audiences with his songs and guitar playing and has been performing with McLeish for two years.

Grant Tomkinson, bass player extraordinaire, has been making a living solely as a musician for over 30 years. Grant’s playing is in great demand by some of Ottawa’s best bands including his own outfit, The Rockerfellas.

Tickets are $20.  Doors open at 7:30pm.  Show starts at 8pm.

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Bruce Wozny and Pete Bugden and Chris Lok

Bruce Wozny and Pete Bugden and Chris Lok

8:00 PM Fri Nov 07, 2014

At West End Well Co-op, 969 Wellington Street West
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Bruce Wozny

Sept17 2011 030Bruce Wozny is an Ottawa singer-songwriter with a fondness for great songs of any genre.  He is currently a member of originals country rock band Lost Colt and of The Rose Trio, a Celtic-based intrumental group.  Some of Bruce’s songwriting heroes are Gillian Welch, Tom Waits, John Prine, Dave Frishberg, Roger Miller and Duke Ellington.

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Pete Bugden and Chris Lok

SEVENTH EXIT – Peter Bugden and Chris Lok
Seventh Exit is an acoustic roots project, started by Peter Bugden and Chris Lok in 2014 that features mostly original material peppered with a few special covers that showcase their acoustic roots and blues style and vision.

Peter Bugden
Peter is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where his first guitar was picked out by Jim Henman, a founding member of April Wine. After a few years, he ended up as a singer/song writer playing solo and in duos around the city. He co-founded and fronted a jump blues band called the Floorboards where he shared the stage with the likes of Jeff Healy, Carson Downey and the Joe Murphy Blues Band. He then took time to raise a family and develop a technical career which took him to Europe as well as the bottom of the Arctic Ocean in a three man submarine. In there somewhere was a move to Ottawa, Ontario where he now resides.

A love of music and performing could not be held down forever. After joining several song writing circles, Peter started performing as a singer/song writer yet again. He has been invited to several writer’s show cases around the city to present his material and the story continues. Current projects include a fledgling roots band called Seventh Exit and an audio production company utilizing his home studio where he works on producing demos and other sundry projects for local song writers. Peter plays guitar, bass, slide guitar, mandolin, ukulele and is a drum and synthesiser programmer.

Chris Lok
Chris hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, where his first guitar was picked out by his mom. She, alas, was not much of a musician and, as Chris soon discovered, his new steel stringed acquisition – with its 1 inch action – was more an instrument of torture than one to make music with. Nonetheless, he persevered and at the ripe old age of 12, in Cairo Egypt, he had his first gig. He continued to play in various rock and folk groups throughout his teens and into his early 20′s.

As he raised his own family, and pursued a profession which took him to all corners of Canada, Europe and Asia, music took a back seat. But eventually the call of the muse grew too strong and he began performing again as a solo artist in Vancouver. After moving to Ottawa he began writing and performing his own material and developing his skills in digital audio recording. It was there that he and Pete crossed paths. After accompanying each other at a few gigs, they launched Seventh Exit. Chris plays acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, Weissenborn-style slide guitar and mandolin.

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