Minutes of AGM 2016

Opening song : Jimmy Crack Corn

President’s Report (Hollis Morgan)

Little changed over the past year. All events are proceeding well with the exception of The Next Stage which lost its home when the West End Well closed. Concert attendance remains spotty. Some have done very well while others have not. Feedback points to a lack of “name brand attraction” rather than a lack of promotion. The new board will be tasked to find a new home for The Next Stage.

Treasurer’s Report (Sue McCarthy)

The auditor’s report was not ready in time for this meeting but will be available shortly. When available it will be tabled at a board meeting and made available to the membership on the website. Concerts appear to be losing money. The board should discuss ways to broaden our sponsorship base for other annual events to attract funding for The Great Canadian Song-along and Chrysalis. Gil’s Hootenanny, which is our best attended event, is profitable despite low ticket prices because of strong sponsorship donations. Its planning model should be adopted by other events.

[ Editor:
1. The “Auditor’s Report” is included in the attachments at the end of this post.
2. “Notes to the Financial Statement” were updated to break out Concerts from Gil’s Hootenanny showing that concerts actually made a $254.16 profit despite the “Profit & Loss” statement appearing to show a loss of about $3,000. The discrepancy results from Gil’s Hootenanny being financed primarily through donations rather than ticket sales which skews the direct comparison of ticket sales to concert expenses. ]


Two director positions were open for election. Jill Shipley (a returning director) and Sue McCarthy (a new director) were elected to the board of directors.

Resolution to Recognize Community Builders

“Spirit of Rasputin’s shall recognize on occasion individual’s who have contributed to community building or community action through folk music.”

Moved by Katherine Gunn; seconded by Sue McCarthy. Passed.

The board was then directed to begin this process with the first 2016 fall concert.


Comms and Ticket Sales

The board should work to re-establish the Communications Committee and create a strong bond between it and the Artistic Director (Pat Moore). Physical ticket outlets should also be re-established. Suggestions were Compact Music and The Black Squirrel.

Remove the by-law requirement for an external audit

Since provincial legislation does not require an external audit due to SoR not meeting the financial threshold, the board should examine a less formal mechanism to assure financial competence while continuing to assure members that financial accountability is maintained.


Moved by Sue McCarthy; seconded by Katherine Gunn. The meeting was adjourned.

Attachments (PDF Reader Required)

2015-2016 Auditor’s Report

2015-2016 Profit and Loss Statement

2015-2016 Notes to Financial Statements

2015-2016 Balance Sheet

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