Policy for Volunteer Photographers

Q: How do I become a volunteer photographer for SoR?

A: If you are a skilled photographer and think you have “the right stuff”,  contact Kate Morgan at kate@constantsoundstudio.com. She will discuss the technical requirements with you.

SoR likes to have one or two volunteer photographers at every major event.  But more is not better…too many photographers interfere with others’ enjoyment of the show and tend to distract the performers. Volunteer photographers need to possess  the skill, equipment, and time required to take and process high quality images in the low light conditions of a concert environment.  All SoR volunteer photographers also agree to the following licencing policy:

  1. The photographer of record grants to SoR an unlimited licence to use any SoR Photo Album photograph in whole or in part so long as credit is given:
    1. By keeping the photographer’s embossed signature or name, or
    2. By crediting the photographer in another appropriate manner.
  2. All images in The Spirit of Rasputins (SoR) website Photo Albums are freely available to SoR volunteers for use in SoR articles and other SoR promotional material , and may be resized and/or cropped in order to fit the purpose of an article or graphic design.
  3. Print-quality images will also be provided on request for SoR posters or other SoR print promotion without charge on an occasional basis and as time permits.
  4. In granting to SoR the unlimited right to use their work, the photographer of record in no way diminishes their ownership of their own original work.
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