A Sincere Thank You to George, Rick, Arthur and Chris!

Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society’s First Directors and charter members leave office on February 13 when the not-for-profit corporation’s members elect a new board of directors for 2011 at their first Annual General Meeting. All the members, and the incoming board, express our sincere appreciation for the efforts and achievements made by our first board of directors during our fledgling organizational months. The first directors provided the guidance, credibility and substance necessary for the Spirit of Rasputin’s volunteers to develop the necessary connections and respect across the local and regional folk music scene to fulfill our mandate.

Following the closure of Rasputin’s Folk Cafe after the fire of 2008, what began as a herd of lost souls wandering the Ottawa folk wilderness became a forward looking society of like minded volunteers and members with a strong financial base and a long list of successful events and future plans.

The mandate adopted by the first board of directors is expressed simply but eloquently in the corporate mission statement:

To create a home for the Ottawa folk music community where we celebrate and promote folk and folk-related music, provide an opportunity for participatory music, and create a launching pad for developing talent.

Under the operational leadership of George Laing, and some key volunteers, many achievements have been realized over the past 18 months. They include:

  • Finding new, appropriate homes for the Open Stage and Folk-along Jam;
  • Establishing the Spirit of Rasputin’s Concert Series;
  • Establishing Spirit of Rasputin’s as a known and important contributor to the folk music scene in Ottawa;
  • Creating the Folkcasts in partnership with the Ottawa Folklore Centre;
  • Negotiating the legal labyrinth to achieve our current not-for-profit corporate status;
  • Developing and adopting the corporation’s first by-laws.
George Laing
Rick McGrath
Arthur McGregor
Chris White
On behalf of the membership, thank you to the outgoing Board members George Laing, Rick McGrath, Arthur McGregor, and Chris White for your advice, support , and contribution to these achievements.
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One thought on “A Sincere Thank You to George, Rick, Arthur and Chris!

  1. Is the link to your GoFolk.ca anywhere here on this website? It was a spin-off venture of the original “Post-Rasputins Committee”, and fits so well into the SoR spirit! We are about the grassroots just as much as the stars! Have you considered adding a “links” section? Just an idea….

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