Ian Tamblyn – Heart of a Traveller

by Lynn Stevenson

“Sometimes the distance travelled is so great that only parts of you come home.”

It’s a cold wet morning in a West End Ottawa coffee shop.  The weather as complex and changeable as the artist opposite me.  Ian Tamblyn is a man of many faces – only a few of which grace his homepage: musician, adventurer, playwright.  These words don’t come even close to summing up a person who has travelled as far and done as much as this man.  Ian Tamblyn has written almost 2000 songs and recorded over 30 independent releases in a career than spans more than three decades.

Iceburg photo by Ian Tamblyn

Iceburg photo by Ian Tamblyn

His sailor’s heart has seen and sung about some of the most remote places in Canada and around the world.  Ian’s face is weathered by countless days at sea and the freezing light of icebergs.  His photographs are breathtaking.  Interviewing him is more than a bit intimidating, but he quickly puts you at ease – revealing yet another face – an everyman – and a wise one – with no delusions about himself or world he moves in. Continue reading