Announcing the 2011/2012 Concert Schedule

Diversity from home and away

Our Artistic Director, Kate Morgan, has arranged a diverse concert series focussing on rising local and regional talent as well as two nationally acclaimed groups. Most concerts will again be presented at the Westboro Masonic Hall with three exceptions. Two shows, both big acts, will be at the First Unitarian Congregation at 30 Cleary Ave because we expect to need the extra space. One show, Gil’s Hootenanny, will be at the NAC Fourth Stage on May 1st (May Day). All concerts are on Saturday evenings and start at 8 pm except the May Day hootenanny, which is on a Tuesday this year and will start at 7:30.

We also plan a holiday season “twist” on the Rasputin’s Beard concept we are calling Santa’s Beard planned for December 17. This will be a fund raising event for an as yet unnamed charity.

For your convenience, there is a “buy now” link beside most of the events with a cover charge that will take you straight to our PayPal account. Also, all the concerts with cover charges are on the Spirit of Rasputin’s e-Store webpage.

Drum roll please….here’s the lineup:

September 17, 2011 (no cover, pass-the-hat)
Rasputin’s Beard (our traditional season opener)
Featuring: “Fumblin’ Fingers (http://www NULL.fumblinfingers“, “Steel Moon (http://www NULL.steelmoonsound“, “Pouch Cotatoes”, and “Lost Colt (http://www NULL.myspace

October 22, 2011 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
“Hats ‘n Spats” Gala with Sheesham and Lotus
A Tribute to Dean Verger with surprise guests and music by Sheesham & Lotus (http://www NULL.sheeshamandlotus )
Here’s a Youtube of Sheesham and Lotus (http://www

November 19, 2011 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
Missy Burgess (http://www NULL.missyburgess and Keith Glass
Our very own “Missy” has a new CD. This is the official “CD Release Concert”

December 17, 2011 (no cover, pass-the-hat)
Santa’s Beard
Featured performers will be announced in the fall

January 21, 2012 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
Anders Drerup (http://www NULL.myspace with special guests Kelly Prescott (http://www NULL.myspace and Adam Puddington (http://www NULL.adampuddington

February 4, 2012 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
Lynn Hanson (http://www NULL.lynnehanson )
Winner 2010 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award

March 10, 2012 $25 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
The Creeking Tree String Quartet (http://www NULL.myspace
Twice Juno Award Nominated
Location: First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 30 Cleary Ave, Ottawa

April 21, 2012 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
John Bowman (http://johnbowman and Amanda Rheaume (http://www NULL.amandarheaume
A shared evening with two excellent local acts.(Youtube Amanda (http://youtu (Youtube John (http://youtu

Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 7:30pm MAY DAY $10
Gil’s Hootenanny sponsored by CUPE
Location: This year’s celebration of songs of protest and songs of hope is at the NAC Fourth Stage

May 12, 2012 $25
The Sultans of String (http://www NULL.maplemusic NULL.asp)
2010 JUNO Award Nominees for Instrumental Album of the Year! 2009 Canadian Folk Music Award triple nominee winning Instrumental Group of the Year.
Location: First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 30 Cleary Ave, Ottawa

May 26, 2012 (no cover, pass-the-hat)
Chrysalis hosted by Missy Burgess
Ottawans singing other Ottawans’ songs

June 16, 2012 (no cover, pass-the-hat)
Rasputin’s Beard our traditional season closer.
Bands to be determined.

More info on some of the featured artists

Sheesham and Lotus
are based in Kingston, Ontario, Crow and Wight play fiddle and banjo respectively, with an additional array of home-made curiosities of noise-makery. Sheesham is a maker of gourd banjos and fiddles, and Lotus plays an invention called the contra-bass harmoniphoneum, which is a self-contained bass-harmonica and euphonium horn which can be used while plucking a banjo. Indeed it is a well documented fact that Sheesham and Lotus use horns for singing, harmonicas, jaw-harps and more. The music of Sheesham and Lotus could be described as American roots music. They love to play fiddle tunes, hokum blues songs and ragtime string music.

Anders Drerup,
the 26 year old singer/songwriter from Carp, Ontario, carries an impressive resume in formats ranging from reggae to classic country. He has logged tours of Europe, Australia, Cuba and Canada and has recorded in premier studios around the world. In addition to his first instrument, guitar, Anders also plays mandolin, steel guitar, banjo, harmonica, piano, bass and dobro. Kelly Prescott and Adam Puddington have graced our stage before. They have worked on numerous projects with Anders including the “Grievous Angel” theatrical concert based on the music and short life of Gram Parsons in which Kelly plays the role of Emmylou Harris.

Lynn Hanson’s
early love of jazz was later replaced by bluegrass and traditional country , while teenage years included singing and playing Neil Young songs at home. If pressed, Lynne will describe her sound as “porch music with a little Texas red dirt. I write these songs on acoustic guitar in my kitchen. I want them to sound like the original concept, except with a band. I call it porch music, as it’s like everyone in the neighbourhood comes over and brings their instruments. Lynn has a growing repretoire of three fabulous CD’s. Things I Miss, Eleven Months and her newest endeavour, Once The Sun Goes Down. “Lynne’s songs have a beautiful, haunting feeling, into which you can sink and be enveloped.” Ontario Arts Council jury

The Creeking Tree String Quartet
is atechnically dazzling outfit that uses fingerboards to leap stylistic boundaries and fuse intricate styles. The result is a smartly intellectual and yet deeply moving sound that’s a true Canadian original: jazz forms sliding over a rootsy bluegrass base, with flashes of chamber music, reverence and avant-garde experimentation. It’s the product of four adept and accomplished musicians, dedicated to performing unique and exciting material that raises the bar for instrumental acoustic music. The band’s third album “The Soundtrack” is produced by Grammy Award winning producer Bil VornDick. It was nominated for Instumental Album of the Year at the 2009 JUNO awards and won the Best Instrumental Group and the Pushing The Boundaries trophies at the 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

John Bowman
will be featuring songs from his debut CD,Beach on the Ocean. In the late 70’s John began to perform as a solo singer/songwriter and wrote a large number of songs. Since moving to Ottawa from Vancouver he adopted the Rasputin’s Open Stage and other open mics around town as his sounding board. He is also a consistent contributor to Writer’s Bloc. John’s songs are thoughtful, poetic and inspired commentaries on parenthood, aging, loss and love.

Amanda Rheaume’s
musical journey has taken her to Lilith Fair, alongside Sarah McLachlan, the Dixie Chicks, Indigo Girls and Sheryl Crow. Her music has spanned the musical landscape of rock, pop, folk, and roots. She has returned to her roots and what makes all this extraordinary is that “Light of Another Day” is Amanda Rheaume’s first full length album.

Sultans of String,
“Canada’s ambassadors of musical diversity,” thrill their audiences with their global sonic tapestry of Spanish Flamenco, Arabic folk, Cuban rhythms, and French Manouche Gypsy-jazz, celebrating musical fusion and human creativity with warmth and virtuosity. Fiery violin dances with rumba-flamenco guitar while a funk bass lays down unstoppable grooves. Acoustic strings meet with electronic wizardry to create layers and depth of sound, while world rhythms excite audiences to their feet with the irresistible need to dance.

Hollis Morgan
President, Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society

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