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  • The Next Stage: Sunday, December 4
  • Santa’s Beard: Saturday, December 17

December is coming. With shorter days compressing time, we scurry to meet the escalated demands of family, work and faith. Ancient festivals of light challenge the dark. We immerse ourselves in love and laughter, music and meditation. But December is more than just busy. December is a month of extremes where the differences between those who have comfort and those who seek comfort stand in stark relief. For many it is a month of stress, anxiety, and inescapable poverty. December challenges us to think more of others than usual; to give comfort to the stranger we might otherwise pass by. December is coming. Time to turn on the en-light-enment.

This December, we have two concert events for you: another in our new series “The Next Stage“; and our first “Santa’s Beard” charity event.

This Sunday December 4th “The Next Stage

What: Spirit of Rasputin’s Next Stage
Where: Upstairs at Whispers Pub, 249 Richmond Road
When: Sunday, December 4, 7pm
Who: Margaret Currie-Feuerstack, Chris Angel, Jeremy Owen

The Next Stage supports our mandate to encourage and promote emerging local artists. This event is a Pay What You Can, Pass-the-hat event with no cover charge. Three artists each perform a full set. Everyone is welcome but space is limited so early arrival is recommended. Suggestion: arrive by 6:30 and order dinner. The food is great!

About the Performers

Margaret Currie-Feuerstack says, “I’ve been playing/writing off and on for many many years. Enjoy writing songs, but also perform old ‘swing’ standards with a jazz quartet (will not be doing those Sunday!) Not really much into promo at this stage – just happy to perform some original songs.”

Jeremy Owen says, “I am the Last of the Cowboy-Warrior-Poets, exiled from the
Western Kingdoms and now living just outside the wonder and spectacle and
cash-for-life of Fair Ottawa. I ‘invented’ the genre Gutter Folk to cover
the vast inadequacies in my musical ability, as well as to differentiate
myself from those masters of the craft with whom I holds little in
common.” Jeremy’s style is abrasive, passionate, violent and beautiful. Link to Jeremy on MySpace (http://www NULL.myspace

Chris Angel began performing at bars and pubs while completing his degree
in performance music at the University of Windsor. Chris started
out playing open mic nights and soon became a regular fixture at a dozen
Windsor and Detroit bars focussing on a fast-paced mix of rock and modern Celtic favourites and traditional songs arranged in a less-than-traditional manner along with a few originals.Chris has two CDs: Celtic Stepson, his first, and the 2011 release Better Late Than Never. (http://chrisangelmusic

Saturday December 17, “Santa’s Beard Charity Event”

What: The December version of Rasputin’s Beard, a fast-paced four band showcase.
When: 8-10pm Saturday, December 17
Where: Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill at Byron
Who: Ottawa Valley Special, The Elementals, Amanda Bon Band, and Gerry Griffin Band.
NO COVER!! Pass-the-hat/pay-what-you-can. All net proceeds to go to charity.

About the Bands

Ottawa Valley Special serve up a potpourri of fine Americana. The band includes Tracy Clark, lead vocals and guitar; Jamie Anderson, vocals, guitar and mandolin; Ellen Daly, fiddle; and Jim Brossert, standup bass. Link to Ottawa Valley Special on MySpace (http://www NULL.myspace

The Elementals, fronted by lead singer Julie Element on acoustic guitar, present a tragic blend of Brit/alt/urban-folk. The other five members of the band (who all sing backup vocals) are Peter Pelletier, harmonica and conga; Edith Falkenburg, ukelele; Judy Jibb accordion; Dave Skully acoustic guitar and mandolin; and Patrick Shank, bass guitar.

Amanda Bon Band, country/folk/bluegrass, will be playing songs from Amanda’s new CD Juniper Weekends. Joining Amanda are Danny Artuso, acoustic guitar; Gilles Leclerc, mandolin; and Ken Kanwisher, upright bass. (http://www NULL.amandabon

Gerry Griffin Band plays an eclectic meld of folk, country, blues, rock, celtic, and elements of North African music. Lead singer Gerry Griffin plays acoustic guitar and Turkish saz with partner Heather Houston adding harmonies, Appalachian dulcimer and thumbpiano. Rounding out the band are Bruce Wittet on drums and Andy Roberts on upright bass. (http://www NULL.gerrygriffinmusic

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