Song-A-Long – Wednesday April 7

by Tony Turner

The Wednesday edition of the 18th annual Great Canadian Song-A-Long gave birth to 18 new songs to a very attentive Elmdale audience. Songs were presented on one or more four themes – Lucky; I Wonder; The trouble with…; and Ghosts. The Lucky and I Wonder themes were particularly popular topics. Veterans of previous Song-A-Long events such as Greg Kelly, Rick Hayes, and Chrissy Steinbock performed as well as numerous first timers such as Jean Granbois, Kristine St.  Pierre. Chris White, who has participated in all 18 Ottawa Song-a-Along events, collaborated with Missy Burgess on a heartfelt song imagining a better world. The event not only unveiled new songs but helped raise money for the volunteer-run Spirit of Rasputins cooperative to help continue its work to build a strong local folk presence in Ottawa.

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