Floating – An Intimate Evening With Terry Gillespie

by Jeremy Owen

Terry Gillespie

Terry Gillespie (Jeffery Grosvenor in background)

It was an intimate and most fortunate crowd that had the pleasure of enjoying Terry Gillespie’s transcendent performance last Sunday at the Elmdale Tavern. In some ways it was –possibly- too intimate; one had only to close one’s eyes to have the image of Terry’s golden vocals being sung directly into one’s ear.

This listener, therefore, kept his eyes open at all times, and certainly suffered no less for it. Indeed, the band was very visually appealing;  an aesthetic balance of percussion on the right (Jeffery Grosvenor) and saxophone on the left (Terry Owen).

Terry Owen

Terry Owen

Terry in the middle played a rectangular guitar (his own design) through 2 brilliant sets and an encore song that had the greater majority of the room on their feet. The percussion was tasteful, and, if you’ll excuse the expression, never missed a beat, while the sax solos broke the fourth wall and brought the audience even closer to the music.

And the music itself was superlative.

“Have you ever heard this guy before?” asked Rasputin’s regular Chris White during the second set.

“Never before in my life,” I replied.

“What do you think?”

Jerry Grosvenor

Jeffery Grosvenor

In half a moment I had my answer. “It’s like the musical equivalent of floating,” I said. An impoverished description of an experience that defies words, but after the fact, it’s still the best I can do.

Jeremy Owen is a singer/songwriter new to Ottawa’s music scene. He comes from Alberta and would appreciate it then, if you would talk a little slower.

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