Wow! Terry Sells Out!

Yes, the headline above could be taken two ways, but those who know guitar wizard Terry Tufts and the strong life-affirming, healthy planet values he holds dear know I’m talking about a packed house at the Westboro Masonic Hall. No one was turned away and every seat was filled. That’s the kind of magic that Terry brings to his shows. We missed Kathryn Briggs who stayed home with the flu but Terry (also suffering but persevering) along with Ken Workman (bass and guitar) put on two great sets that earned a standing ovation and encore. Click on over to the Spirit of Rasputin’s Facebook page (https://www NULL.facebook to check out Kate’s photos and leave your comments. Don’t forget to Like us while you are there.

Lynne Hanson’s “Genuine and Warm” Performance with her New Red Gretsch Guitar

Lynne Hanson
Lynne Hanson’s performance, enhanced by Ottawa’s finest mandolin player, Gilles Leclerc and bass player Jonathan Ferrabee, was warm, inviting and highly entertaining for all.
Gilles Leclerc, Lynne Hanson and Johathan Ferrabee
Her easy, Texas red dirt delivery with many toe tapping rhythms interlaced well with her humorous anecdotes.  Many audience members commented on her “genuine” and “easy” style on stage.
Gilles Leclerc, Lynne Hanson
Lynne was a true performer as she had to strum her guitar with a finger that just lost a nail.. ouch.  Thanks Lynne for a fine show!

Claytones Video (Anders Drerup, Kelly Prescott and Adam Puddington)

If you missed this concert here is a taste of the evening.

Missy’s New CD a Sweet Success

Review by Lynn Stevenson

Missy Burgess wrapped a highly supportive crowd at the Westboro Masonic Hall in a warmth as special as her famous blue sweater to launch her new CD, Play Me Sweet on Saturday.  The evening was a lovefest for Missy with the audience singing along to many of her better known tunes as well as old standards. Fans gave her a standing ovation and left happy and humming into the November night.

Keith Glass, Alrick Huebener and Missy BurgessMissy’s guitar work stumbled in spots, but that hardly mattered as it is her unique voice and larger than life personality that folks were there to see – and they were rewarded with beautiful servings of both.  Down to earth and funny as hell, Missy Burgess is a joy to watch.

Alrick HuebenerWith the talented Alrick Huebener on upright bass and simply outstanding Keith Glass on guitar and electric guitar, there could be no doubt the evening would be a success.  “It could go one of two ways from here,” quipped Glass at the start of the show; it definitely went in the right one. Continue reading

Oooo weee…hambone and all!

Review by Hollis Morgan

Hollis (president), Dean VergerAmidst outragious hats, colourful shoes, and folkies waltzing in the aisles, Dean Verger was inducted as Spirit of Rasputin’s first Honourary Lifetime Member on October 22, 2011. The celebration was both lighthearted and heartfelt. Dean, always thoughtful and generous, has never been one to take himself too seriously. So it was suitable that Sheesham & Lotus were there to counter the serious presentations with their comic brand of old-time music. Their tongue-in-cheek motto, old-time music — better than it sounds, set the tone for evening.
Continue reading

All this for pass-the-hat?

A review of the September 17,2011 Rasputin’s Beard

by host and organizer Carol Noël

Well THAT was an exceptional evening of entertainment! Lucky us to be part of this full house, packed-to-the-walls energy! The fiddles and jigs of celtic big-band Fumblin’ Fingers put big smiles on faces and got toes tapping! Steel Moon’s romantic pop ballads – Lise’s vocals and Dave’s creative guitar, tasteful looper-use and harmonies – were soulful and beautiful; their upcoming CD will be the stocking stuffer! The intricate a capella harmonies, joyous energy and comedy of the Pouch Cotätoes quintet earned them an encore! Lost Colt’s alt-country originals were authentic, their lead-vocals outstanding and acoustic guitar solos all came straight from the heart! All this for pass-the-hat? Rasputins Beard is absolutely the best music deal in town! All these local groups have websites; check them out for gigs and CD-orders.Next Beard: December 17th…be there or be square! 

Chrysalis: A Beautiful Happening

Review by Lynn Stevenson

“Shall I do it in E? No maybe in G? Okay let’s try it in C…” and so John Lloyd, in spiffy attire and a lopsided grin launched into his very fun performance. In any key, “Blue Sweater” by Ottawa’s Missy Burgess is a joy to listen to and much admired by her fellow performers. The audience at the Westboro Masonic Hall were treated to two very different versions of Missy’s classic tune on Saturday, May 28th at the annual Chrysalis event – a unique celebration of Ottawa singer songwriters hosted by the Spirit of Rasputin’s.

“Chrysalis” refers to the fascinating transformation from cocoon to butterfly. In the context of this event, it symbolizes the rebirth of a song and the magic that happens when someone other than the writer performs it. Now in its 8th year, Chrysalis has provided Ottawa singer/songwriters with rich opportunities to re-invent, re-imagine and just enjoy the tremendous songwriting talent that exists in Ottawa – in all its varied forms and vibrant colours.

The dominant colour of this particular evening was clearly blue – not only the shade of that much loved old sweater, but “Missy’s Blues” sung with gorgeous depth by Carole Trepanier (wow what a voice!) and “The Blues Will Always Be the Blues” written by talented newcomer to Ottawa Wen Chen (aka Blue Blue Satellite) with which Missy concluded the show. The highlight in that hue for me was Jeremy Owen’s rendition of Missy’s “Blue Dog Man” – a simply sublime performance that caused Missy to comment, “One thing I really love about Chrysalis is when you get to hear your song performed even better than you do it yourself!” Continue reading