James Gordon stars in
Stephen Harper: The Musical

How to survive and thrive in the dying days of the empire of oil.

Co-produced by CDWhite Productions and Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society, this special three day run (Nov 27, 28, 29) at Arts Court Theatre is creating buzz all over town…perhaps even in the PMO! Get your tickets online now! Half price for seniors, students and the underemployed or unemployed. Find out more …

Clip from the “Gil Levine Hootenanny” Video featuring Jeremy Owen

Jeremy’s brought the house to its feet with this rousing rendition of the traditional socialist anthem “The Internationale.” The original French lyrics were written in 1871 by Eugène Pottier and intended to be sung to the melody of La Marseillaise. The melody we all know now was added by Pierre De Geyter in 1888. De Geyter died in 1932 and in France his estate maintains its copyright until 2017. In North America and most of the rest of the world the music is now public domain. So here it is: