James Gordon stars in
Stephen Harper: The Musical

How to survive and thrive in the dying days of the empire of oil.

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Gil’s Hootenanny

What: Gil’s Hootenanny,
aka: Songs of Protest, Songs of Hope
When: 7:30pm, Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
Where: NAC Fourth Stage
Tickets: Ottawa Folklore Centre, NAC box office, Ticketmaster

Held each year on May 1st — May Day — Gil’s Hootenanny is an annual sing-along event that is organized by the Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society. The event was inspired by Gil Levine (1924-2009), the founding Director of Research at the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and a great lover of folk music. Gil’s vision of a better world included bringing people together to celebrate the stories, struggles and victories of working people through the collective power of song. Continue reading

Clip from the “Gil Levine Hootenanny” Video featuring Jeremy Owen

Jeremy’s brought the house to its feet with this rousing rendition of the traditional socialist anthem “The Internationale.” The original French lyrics were written in 1871 by Eugène Pottier and intended to be sung to the melody of La Marseillaise. The melody we all know now was added by Pierre De Geyter in 1888. De Geyter died in 1932 and in France his estate maintains its copyright until 2017. In North America and most of the rest of the world the music is now public domain. So here it is:

Chrysalis: A Beautiful Happening

Review by Lynn Stevenson

“Shall I do it in E? No maybe in G? Okay let’s try it in C…” and so John Lloyd, in spiffy attire and a lopsided grin launched into his very fun performance. In any key, “Blue Sweater” by Ottawa’s Missy Burgess is a joy to listen to and much admired by her fellow performers. The audience at the Westboro Masonic Hall were treated to two very different versions of Missy’s classic tune on Saturday, May 28th at the annual Chrysalis event – a unique celebration of Ottawa singer songwriters hosted by the Spirit of Rasputin’s.

“Chrysalis” refers to the fascinating transformation from cocoon to butterfly. In the context of this event, it symbolizes the rebirth of a song and the magic that happens when someone other than the writer performs it. Now in its 8th year, Chrysalis has provided Ottawa singer/songwriters with rich opportunities to re-invent, re-imagine and just enjoy the tremendous songwriting talent that exists in Ottawa – in all its varied forms and vibrant colours.

The dominant colour of this particular evening was clearly blue – not only the shade of that much loved old sweater, but “Missy’s Blues” sung with gorgeous depth by Carole Trepanier (wow what a voice!) and “The Blues Will Always Be the Blues” written by talented newcomer to Ottawa Wen Chen (aka Blue Blue Satellite) with which Missy concluded the show. The highlight in that hue for me was Jeremy Owen’s rendition of Missy’s “Blue Dog Man” – a simply sublime performance that caused Missy to comment, “One thing I really love about Chrysalis is when you get to hear your song performed even better than you do it yourself!” Continue reading

CHRYSALIS May 28, 2011

Chrysalis 2011What: Chrysalis with host Missy Burgess
When: 8pm Saturday, May 28
Where: Westboro Masonic Hall
430 Churchill at Byron
Admission: FREE

The chrysalis symbolizes rebirth–often moving from an “ugly” state to rebirth in a beautiful form. (“ugly” would refer to the cocoon state)

I like to refer to the “rebirth” of a song (thus, the name Chrysalis) when someone other than the writer performs it. For 8 years now many Ottawa singer/songwriters have been getting together once a year to perform each others’ works in and amidst the work of others from the Ottawa valley.

There is no better way to promote talent from the Ottawa pool than to cover each others’ songs.

So, once again, you are asked to learn 2 songs from any musician from the Ottawa valley (alive or dead) and be prepared to perform them on Saturday, May 28th at The Masonic Hall in Westboro (430 Churchill at Wellington). The show begins at 8 p.m.

Please contact me at missyburgess.com (http://missyburgess NULL.com/contact NULL.php) to identify the song(s) you will be performing along with the author(s) by May 15th.

Invite friends to come and enjoy an evening of surprising twists to songs you have heard from local artists. The show is free and I will be passing the hat to raise money for future musical events, workshops etc.

It will be a most enjoyable evening.

Looking forward to seeing you.

As always
Missy Burgess