Westboro Masonic Hall

Many Spirit of Rasputins concerts are held in the magnificent Victorian era banquet hall of this fine old brick edifice. Musicians or Agents who wish to inquire about performing for the Spirit of Rasputin’s Concert Series please contact the Spirit of Rasputin’s Artistic Director at artistic@rasputins.ca (artistic null@null rasputins NULL.ca).

The Westboro Masonic  Hall is available for other community events. For inquiries contact,

David B. Gibson, MBA
President, Westboro Masonic Temple, Limited
Website of Wesboro Masonic Hall (http://westboromasonichall NULL.ca/WMTL/Home NULL.html)
430 Churchill Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5C9

tel: (613) 722-5184

email: westboro.masonic.hall@gmail.com
View Larger Map (http://maps NULL.google NULL.ca/maps?f=q&source=embed&hl=en&geocode=&q=430+Churchill+St,+Ottawa,+ON&sll=45 NULL.427958,-75 NULL.689353&sspn=0 NULL.006114,0 NULL.013937&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=430+Churchill+Ave+N,+Ottawa,+Ottawa+Division,+Ontario&ll=45 NULL.390792,-75 NULL.753174&spn=0 NULL.006118,0 NULL.013937&t=h&z=14)

2 thoughts on “Westboro Masonic Hall

  1. Hello, David–
    I lost two brand new CDs at a concert a few weeks ago after prchasing them at the hall. Just wondered if anyone found them– one of Rick Fines and one by Lynn Miles…. ?

    Jane Keeler 613-730-0366

  2. Hello,

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