Amira’s Grace and Lost for Words

When: Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: West End Well Co-op

Amira’s Grace
NOTICE: Amira’s Grace has been forced to cancel due to an unforeseen emergency. 

Amiras GraceAmira’s Grace is an indie/folk singing duo from the countryside of Ottawa. They have a brand new EP titled “Number Five”, and they continue to play shows in the Ottawa area. With their vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar, they look forward to making a genuine connection with people through music!



Lost for Words

Lost For Words highresThese three musicians complement each other vocally and instrumentally. They provide an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary songs and ballads, as well as some toe-tapping Irish/Celtic, Appalachian and Québecois tunes, at times accentuated with energetic Appalachian clogging. Their warm vocal arrangements of songs ranging from traditional folk and gospel to modern topical songs provide an inviting environment where the audience is encouraged to sing along.

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