Salton Sea / Lost Colt \ J. P. Ranger Band

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When: Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Where: Westboro Masonic Hall


This is a “Pass The Hat” charitable event.

The charity will be The Ottawa Food Bank.

Doors open at 7:00pm and the show starts at 7:30pm.

Salton Sea… and The Noisy Locomotive


Born of backyards and late-night suburban walkabouts, Ottawa duo Salton Sea (Trevor Pool and Nik Field) blends tweed-folk and broken blues with that somehow-nostalgic feeling found in thumbing thru old record collections. Moving to the city, the corner café, a quiet apartment overlooking a busy street, beer bottles on the balcony, a hint of jazz—these are the memories brought to life through their music.After several years of writing music and laying low, Salton Sea have come down the mountain with a whole new sound, and an earful to share. Their debut album, “This Boat Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us,” was released to a sold out crowd on September 1st, 2012. Since then, the two singer-songwriters have moved their act to Montreal.  Along the way they picked up a couple stragglers and strung together a band—The Noisy Locomotive. With some fire in the belly and the improvised clamour of their straight forward twang, the Locomotive is hitting the road. Stay tuned…

J. P. Ranger Band


The JP Ranger Band — Ottawa-based — is made up of veteran musicians who have mastered various music styles ranging from: country, folk, Americana, blues, R&B, classic and prog-rock. Their ‘cool’ is how they will turn on a dime and swing into yet another music genre. As one fan wrote: “You just never know what they’re going to play next, or where they’re going to take you musically. You’re into every moment, and you enjoy each song to the last drop”.

Songwriter J.P. Ranger — native of Hull, Québec — started singing and playing guitar at age 9. By age 13, he had formed a band and was writing originals. His songs tell stories of romance won and lost, travel many roads of life, and speak to our times. His bandmates: Rey “the Rey Man” Cote (from Grand Falls New Brunswick) on saxophone, lead guitar and mandolin; Gilles Cholette plays kit and sings back-up; DOn Prince lays down fluid and punchy bass lines.

In 2009, JP released the album titled JP Ranger ‘Living Here’, and is now working a new CD to be released in 2013. Be ready for rich vocals, great melodies and raw energy!

Lost Colt


This alt-country/folk band is Influenced by the renaissance in country music, both commercial and alternative, and with three songwriters in the band, alt-country rockers Lost Colt evoke Roy Orbison, the Cars, Blue Rodeo and Canada’s legendary Blue Shadows. Rick Fry writes clever, pop-inflected country, rock and folk songs. Dan Jetté is a versatile and prodigious writer of melodic and infectious songs. Conrad “rad” White started drumming on cardboard boxes after seeing Ringo Starr on the Ed Sullivan Show, then switched to drums thanks to his grandad’s generosity. Bruce “woz”  Wozny gained his chops in West Coast folk and country bands, releasing two original albums prior to joining Lost Colt.


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