Lotus Wight (Opening: Aiken & Beggs)

When: Sat Mar 19, 2016 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Westboro Masonic Hall

Tickets $20 …online here… and at the door.

Lotus Wight - Aiken & Beggs

Lotus Wight – Aiken & Beggs

Lotus Wight (of Sheesham and Lotus) is touring a solo show, with a new solo album.

‘”Lotus seems to have the potential to be a satisfactory student, despite his tendency towards daydreaming. He has developed what seems to be a wasteful obsession with the singer John Lee Hooker and his guitar playing. Lotus’ school performance could be greatly improved if he would learn to focus himself on the sixth grade curriculum, and leave his instruments at home.” – Mr. Galonska, Vice Principal


Lotus Wight grew up in inner-city Toronto in the seventies and eighties, listening to his family’s vinyl collection. It was a small stack but every disc was loved and played over and over again; Pete Seeger, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Big Bill Broonzy and Elizabeth Cotton. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, Wight studied and sought traditional musics in their very cradles. His journeys took him to West Virginia, Kentucky and Alabama to learn fiddle and banjo traditions of the south; to Beale Street in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee and up the eastern seaboard playing for traditional square dances.


In 2005 Lotus teamed up with fiddler Sheesham Crow, forming the celebrated Sheesham and Lotus. Noted for their virtuosic playing and captivating showmanship, Sheesham and Lotus continue to grace festival and theatre stages on an international scale, playing blues, ragtime and good-time songs. Their 2012 release, “1929” was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Traditional Album.


After years with his group and as a busy side-musician, (Mantler, Serena Ryder, Tannis Slimmon, Jenny Whitely, Luther Wright and the Wrongs, Joey Wright, Peter Appleyard, the Abrams Brothers), Lotus is delivering a solo set that is astounding and delighting audiences wherever he chooses to play.


“Lotus has an amazing ability that I have never heard in another musician…he can evoke the collective canon of American Folk music; old-time hillbilly, country twang, blues and early jazz all within a phrase of music with his banjo and voice. Libba Cotton, Leon Redbone and Little-Hat Jones all seem to preside, mingling with Geeshie Wiley, Charley Patton and Etta Baker. A must-have for any work-shop programmer..Lotus Wight can workshop for days on dozens of subjects; jaw-harp, hambone, crooked banjo tunes, country blues, west-African gourd instruments, bass harmonica playing and more.”
-Candace Shaw, Secret Frequency

Aiken & Beggs

Aiken and Beggs

Aiken and Beggs

Sonny Aiken and Mabel Beggs play American Folk and Country, focused specifically on the recordings, and traditions, prior to the end of WWII. They perform old songs, uniquely interpreted, preserving both the soul of the music, as well as the culture of the time.

In February they released an album entitled, “Countless Hours By You I’ve Spent: Aiken & Beggs Play The Carter Family”, a collection of songs based on the original Carter Family recordings (1927-1941). The album was recorded live to quarter-inch tape and captures a sound and quality much like the radio segments of the late 1930’s – when the Carter Family would perform live on air, for an hour every night.

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