A Lively and Effective First AGM!

Last Sunday, 16 members were called to order at 2:15pm by A/GM Lynn Stevenson for our first ever Annual General Meeting. Eight members were also represented by proxy. That meant two thirds of the entire membership were represented. What followed was a thoughtful and reasoned discussion around the resolutions and recommendations that will shape our organization in the coming years. We followed Roberts Rules Revised,  as well as a bunch of old folkies could, under the careful guidance of our Secretary, Edgar Schmidt. The meeting was adjourned shortly after 5pm.

Lynn’s opening remarks, Retrospective on an Amazing Year, provided a thorough and impressive recap of the past year. It is a non-stop list of achievements and events. If you weren’t there, it’s on the home page of the website for all to read. Edgar’s excellent minutes are also on the website in the Members area (you’ll have to log on to see them). Those who attended  should review it for accuracy and report any factual errors by replying to this email.

Here is a brief run down of some of the decisions taken:

  • 2011 dues were set at $20;
  • The number of directors was fixed at five;
  • The offices of General Manager and Assistant General Manager were  removed;
  • The offices of President (a board member) and Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator were created;
  • The 2011 Audit Committee composed of Paul Slater and Sylvia Bogusis was approved;
  • An Artist Development Program was recommended to give more focus to developing local talent; and
  • A new board of directors was elected consisting of Mark Evenchick, Pat Moore, Hollis Morgan, Edgar Schmidt, and Chris White.

A number of other items were passed to the board for consideration (read the minutes!). Also, tributes and appreciation of the First Directors, and in particular, the contribution of George Laing were expressed. The consolidated By-laws will be posted on the website in the Members area as soon as they are ready.

Following the AGM, the new board held its first meeting where it elected Hollis Morgan as President. The board also concluded that the office of vice-president was a necessary backup to the president and appointed Pat Moore as Vice-president. The board members decided that Hollis and Mark Evenchick would serve the required two year terms with the rest of the board serving one year terms. Mark Evenchick was confirmed as Treasurer for another term, as was Edgar Schmidt as Secretary. The search is now on two fill the roles of Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator.

Other roles confirmed were Chris White in the new role of Organizational/Community Liaison (with a view to obtaining support in various ways from other businesses and organizations) and Kate Morgan as Artistic Director. Kate will be able to draw support from past AD’s as well as from Chris.

There were a number of other administrative issues dealt with as well and, once they are approved by the directors, the minutes of will posted to the members area of the website.

The only sad part of the day was there wasn’t enough time to jam!! The discussions were well thought out and many members needed more time to express their views. Next year, we need to plan a real party. How about an hour or so of business followed by a pot-luck supper and an open stage? That sounds like The Spirit to me.

See you at the David Woodhead show on Saturday.


Hollis Morgan

President, Spirit of Rasputin’s

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