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1. What a year…but hold on to your hats!!
2. Season Finale “Hot Summer – Cold Potluck” this Saturday

What a Year…but hold on to your hats!!

We have had a very encouraging and enjoyable season of concerts, open stages, jams, and special events due almost entirely to our engaged and supportive membership (that would be you), and our hard working and active volunteers. Spirit of Rasputin’s members, through their financial and moral support, and the volunteers, through their time and effort have all made this season a true success. You deserve a collective pat-on-the-back!

Spirit continues to grow through increased membership and increased concert attendance. In fact, three events planned next season will require much larger capacity than the 120 seat Westboro Masonic Hall. The final contract negotiations for next season are almost complete and the lineup will be announced to you, the members, in July to afford you first opportunity to reserve tickets. At this time I can tell you about the new venues we will be using for the three largest concerts.

  • The May Day Songs of Protest Songs of Hope, a.k.a. The Gil Levine Hootenanny, continues to grow exponentially. Next season it will move to the NAC Fourth Stage (capacity: 180). I’m sure it will continue to be packed to the rafters just as it was at the WMH seven weeks ago and at the Elmdale the year before. The cabaret atmosphere at the 4th Stage is really suitable for this event. CUPE and the Levine Family will continue as major sponsors.
  • Two of our feature concerts will take place at the First Unitarian Congregation at 30 Cleary Ave just east of Woodroffe. Their gorgeous and comfortable Worship Hall seats up to 250. Acoustically, this hall is well suited to folk, chamber and classical music…just our style!! You will be delighted with the two acts our artistic director, Kate Morgan, has chosen for this venue. We will also have full use of the adjoining Fellowship Hall, kitchen, and dining area for refreshments.

Season Finale “Hot Summer – Cold Potluck” this Saturday

All members are invited to a potluck dinner this Saturday at the Westboro Masonic Hall. This will preceed the season’s wrap-up concert: Rasputin’s Beard. To make things manageable, there are a couple of guidelines:

  1. Doors open at 5pm, dinner will “happen” between 6 and 7;
  2. Try to bring picnic-style cold food items. There is limited capacity for heating food items;
  3. Please bring your own plates and utensils if you can (Blue Skies style);
  4. Remove all personal food items and personal utensils from the hall and kitchen by 7:15 to allow the venue to be setup for the 8pm concert.

Please bring sufficient food for you and your family and perhaps a little more so we can share among us. There are plates and utensils available in the kitchen, but it would be kind on the kitchen staff to not rely on them for clean-up.

Remember, the Beard is a “no-cover” pass-the-hat event suitable for the entire family. This is a nice opportunity to celebrate the end of this concert season.

Hollis Morgan
President, Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society
(613) 832-9235

P.S. Don’t forget that the Open Stage every Monday at Whispers and the Folk-along Jam every Tuesday at the Georgetown will continue right through the summer months.

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