AGM 2012: Strategic Decisions Made

At the Annual General Meeting on March 18, which included much lively and thoughtful discussion, two strategic resolutions were passed. The first resolution enables the board of directors to examine the impact of becoming a charitable organization and, if deemed appropriate, to apply for charitable status for The Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society. A second resolution was passed to establish a fund for the potential establishment of a permanent venue. These two resolutions together constitute a move toward a financially stronger, more secure future for Spirit’s activities and will have a strategic influence on its role in the Ottawa folk community. The AGM also established a new “Family Membership” to encourage the participation of families with children. The complete wording of all the resolutions will be available when the minutes of the AGM are posted.

The members concluded the AGM by re-establishing the board of directors at five members following the expiry of three one-year terms. By acclamation, Pat Moore was welcomed back for a second term along with new board members Carol Noel and Alrick Huebener. They join continuing board members Hollis Morgan and Mark Evenchick who are mid-way through their two-year terms.

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