Directors and Officers

By-laws para. 17

At each annual general meeting of members, the members shall elect the number of directors required to re-establish a board of five directors. Two directors elected at each annual meeting will serve a two year term. All others will serve a one year term. Newly elected directors will decide among themselves the distribution of one and two year terms and communicate their decision to the members. A director is eligible for re-election. The purpose of this approach is to enhance continuity, while still providing for annual elections.


Name Phone e-mail Most Recent
Year Elected
Term Expires
Susan Sweeney Hermon 613-749-2519 (sweeney NULL.hermon null@null rogers 2015 2017
Pat Moore 613-794-6301 (patmoore null@null patmoore 2015 2016
Hollis Morgan 613-832-9235 (hmorgan null@null hollismorgan 2015 2017
Sjef Frenken 613-829-8029 (sf NULL.79 null@null rogers 2015 2017
Jill Shipley (//jshipleyconnect null@null gmail 2015 2016

Past Directors

  • Bob Webb 2014-2015
  • Mark Evenchick 2011-2015 (also served as treasurer)
  • Alrick Huebener 2013-2015 (also served as secretary)
  • Carol Noel: 2012-2014
  • Edgar Schmidt: 2011-2013 (also served as secretary)
  • Chris White: 2010 – 2011
  • George Laing: 2010 – 2011 (also served as General Manager)
  • Rick McGrath: 2010 – 2011
  • Arthur McGregor: 2010 – 2011


By-laws para. 35

The officers of the Corporation shall be a president, volunteer coordinator, assistant coordinator, secretary, treasurer and any other officers that the board of directors, by bylaw, determines. Except for the president, officers need not be members or directors. The president shall be a member and a director.

Office Name Phone e-mail
President Hollis Morgan 613-832-9235 (hmorgan null@null hollismorgan
Vice-president Pat Moore 613-794-6301 (patmoore null@null patmoore
Treasurer Mark Evenchick 613-521-3097 (markse null@null live
Secretary Alrick Huebener 613-232-6344 (huebener null@null ca NULL.inter
Volunteer Coordinator Elaine Gibson 613-599-3112 (aurenv null@null gmail
Assistant Coordinator TBD
Artistic Director Kate Morgan 613-832-9235 (kate null@null constantsoundstudio