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Jolliest Jinglebell Hootenanny

Jolliest Jinglebell Hootenanny

11:00 AM Sun Dec 14, 2014

At City Hall – Jean Piggot Hall, 110 Laurier Ave.

There is a map at the bottom of this event.

Goal: To beat the world record of the most people singing & ringing Jinglebells set as 488 on December 12, 2012 in Albany New York

  • 11 am Welcome / Vivian speaks / More to Life Than You Can See
  • 11:05 am -11:20 am Seventh Exit
  • 11:20 am – 11:35 am Francis Eugene
  • 11:35 am – 11:55 am Ottawa Folklore Centre guitar choir led by Kurt
  • 11:55 am – 12:00 pm announcement and start of break
  • 12:00 pm – 12:15 pm set up for shout Sister DJ TUNES by Mo
  • 12:15 pm – 12:30 pm Shout Sister starts their set and gives time for EVERYONE to gather into Jean Piggot Hall AND tentative short speech by Mayor Jim Watson
  • 12:40 pm – 1 pm Shout Sister continues their set
  • 1:00 pm – 1:20 pm Kristine St Pierre
  • 1:20 pm = 1:35 pm Mark J. Nyvlt
  • 1:35 pm – 1:50 pm Heather Adeney
  • 1:50 pm – 2:10 pm Nigel Harris
  • 2:10 pm – 2:25 pm Kery Peterson
  • 2:25 pm – 2:40 pm Pat Moore
  • 2:40 pm – 2:55 pm Geoff johnson
  • 2:55 pm – 3:00 pm thank you’s

This event is organized by SoR member Vivian Sollows. Contact:

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AGM 2012: Strategic Decisions Made

At the Annual General Meeting on March 18, which included much lively and thoughtful discussion, two strategic resolutions were passed. The first resolution enables the board of directors to examine the impact of becoming a charitable organization and, if deemed appropriate, to apply for charitable status for The Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society. A second resolution was passed to establish a fund for the potential establishment of a permanent venue. These two resolutions together constitute a move toward a financially stronger, more secure future for Spirit’s activities and will have a strategic influence on its role in the Ottawa folk community. The AGM also established a new “Family Membership” to encourage the participation of families with children. The complete wording of all the resolutions will be available when the minutes of the AGM are posted.

The members concluded the AGM by re-establishing the board of directors at five members following the expiry of three one-year terms. By acclamation, Pat Moore was welcomed back for a second term along with new board members Carol Noel and Alrick Huebener. They join continuing board members Hollis Morgan and Mark Evenchick who are mid-way through their two-year terms.

Spirit of Rasputin’s 2nd AGM Official Notice

What: Second Annual General Meeting of Members
When: 2pm Sunday March 18th
Where: Le Michel-Ange Coffee Roasting Cafe, 35 Laurel Street (Map…) (http://maps,+Caf%C3%A9+-+Warehouse+-+Roasting,+Laurel+Street,+Ottawa,+ON&hl=en&ie=UTF8&sll=45 NULL.405249,-75 NULL.717318&sspn=0 NULL.011208,0 NULL.027874&oq=Le+Michel-Ange35+Laurel+St,+Ottawa+ON&gl=ca&hq=Le+Michel-Ange,+Caf%C3%A9+-+Warehouse+-+Roasting,&hnear=Laurel+St,+Ottawa,+Ottawa+Division,+Ontario&t=m&z=16)

The agenda, which includes several formal resolutions, is available online here… Please take the time to review it.

Bylaws para. 10: “Each voting member present at a meeting shall have the right to exercise one vote. A member may, instead of being present at a meeting, in writing appoint a proxyholder to attend and act at any specific meeting of members on her or his behalf, in the manner and to the extent authorized by the proxy. A proxyholder must be a member of the Corporation. There is no limit to the number of proxies any one proxyholder may hold.”

A proxy form is available online here…
A copy of the consolidated bylaws is available online here…

Elections to the Board of Directors

Three board members are retiring after serving one year terms as required by our bylaws: Pat Moore, Chris White and Edgar Schmidt. So there are three positions to be filled. We currently have three candidates: Alrick Huebener, Carol Noel, and Pat Moore. If you are interested in adding your name to the slate of candidates, please let us know in a reply to this email. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the AGM. We are pleased Pat has decided to run again and we owe Chris and Edgar our gratitude for helping to make this past year’s board so productive. Their contributions were outstanding.

The Resolutions In Brief

As well as the usual bylaw “bookkeeping” matters, the 2nd AGM is organized around seeking your discussion and decisions for two key strategic items. During the past year, the board of directors spent time, both formally and informally, discussing our long-term goals and aspirations. We decided to refer two key questions to the members:
1. Should we become a charitable organization?
2. Should we get serious about acquiring our own permanent venue?

Charitable Status

While board consensus existed around seeking charitable status, it was agreed the membership needed the opportunity to discuss the impact and make the final decision. If we decide to become charitable, there is little doubt we would qualify. There are additional requirements with regard to accounting and auditing as well as requirements regarding public transparency and disbursement of funds. We believe the benefits vastly outweigh the costs. Our capacity to raise donor funds and to increase our sponsorship levels would be greatly enhanced. But the decision is yours.

Permanent Venue Fund

The second strategic decision involves the possibility of consolidating our activities in a permanent venue. As we grow and increase the number and complexity of our activities, we incur more rental commitments and increasingly distributed infrastructure involving greater volunteer commitment. President Hollis Morgan has initiated this resolution believing that it will make sense, for economic, technical and human resources reasons, to consolidate our activities under one roof by approximately 2017.

Hollis says, “Without needing to know what kind of roof that might be, the critical first step is for us to decide together if a permanent venue remains a common goal. Whatever the final business plan might be, a Spirit of Rasputin’s permanent venue would need serious financial underpinnings. It’s all about money…well, maybe not all about money…but it involves money in a serious way. If we are a charity, our fundraising will be somewhat easier. Think of it in terms of building a new church, synagogue, or temple. We start by deciding to do it. Then create a dedicated fund for that purpose and nurture it for a few years. At that point a serious business plan can be developed with a realistic budget based upon the known growth of the dedicated fund. Is this too big a dream? I don’t think so. Wise people set goals just beyond reach trusting they will grow enough to grasp it in the future. A worthy goal is rarely an easy one.”

If you have any questions about the upcoming AGM, please reply to this email. Your memberships can be renewed at the AGM and new members will be accepted and will have a vote as long as dues are paid that day. We look forward to a lively discussion with all of you at the AGM.


Heather Evenchick, Hollis Morgan
AGM Organizing Committee

As of this date we have 92 members. Wow!!

Annual General Meeting, March 18, 2012

What: 2nd Annual General Meeting of Members
When: 2:00pm Sunday, March 18, 2012
Where: Le Michel-Ange Cafe, 35 Laurel (map…) (http://g

Draft Agenda

  • Officers’ Reports
  • Election of two board members
  • Appointment of Audit Committee
  • Resolutions and bylaw amendments

Bylaws para. 10: “Each voting member present at a meeting shall have the right to exercise one vote. A member may, instead of being present at a meeting, in writing appoint a proxyholder to attend and act at any specific meeting of members on her or his behalf, in the manner and to the extent authorized by the proxy. A proxyholder must be a member of the Corporation. There is no limit to the number of proxies any one proxyholder may hold.”

Proxy forms are available here…

Note Resolutions and bylaw amendments must be forwarded to the AGM organizing committee by February 26 so that all members can receive the required two weeks advance notice of business to be considered. Send proposed resolutions to:

One year ago at our inaugural AGM we had 37 members most of whom came to the meeting in person or by proxy. We had a newsletter mailing list of about 250 and a bank account just barely in the black. The meeting was a lively discussion that placed us on a clear course with the first election of board members and numerous resolutions and bylaw amendments. It is well documented here…

As we approach our 2nd AGM we have 75 members, a mailing list exceeding 500 and a very positive bank balance…I won’t say more about finances here to avoid upstaging Mark’s “Treasurer’s Report” to be presented at the AGM. But we clearly had a very good year. I sense the folk community is now, for the most part, aware of our efforts and our events and folks are clearly supportive.

This has been a year of managed growth on all fronts. We turned all Rasputin’s Beard events into charitable quarterly extravaganzas, added the monthly “The Next Stage” at Whispers and are now building an association with Le Michel-Ange Coffe/Tea Restaurant (http://lemichelange to present cabaret style events in a coffee house venue with audiences larger than Whispers and smaller than the Westboro Masonic Hall. The first event at Le Michel-Ange will be The Great Canadian Songalong 20th Aniversary on March 9th and 10th.

What a year it has been. I will be proposing two resolutions that I want to discuss with all of you at the AGM. One relates to seeking charitable status; the other relates to planning for a permanent venue. Both require the wisdom and consideration of the membership to go from dreams to real plans.

What about you? What dreams do you have for the future of the Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society? You are invited to express your dreams in a resolution that seeks the support of members and gives direction to the board. The vision of our members sets our course for the future.

If you wish to help organize the AGM, contact Heather (AGM Committee chair) at (613-521-3097). She would appreciate a couple more “heads and hands” at the committee table.

Hollis Morgan,
President, Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society

November, 2011

In this announcement:
1. Board Meeting December 1st
2. “Members’ Events” on website
3. “Become a Volunteer” webpage

Board Meeting

Note: edited from the original to indicate the change of venue
There will be a board meeting on Thursday December 1st at 7pm at 2177 Braeside Ave in Ottawa (Mark and Heather Evenchick’s home) 35 Laurel Street, Le Michel-Ange Coffee/Tea Restaurant. Any member may attend to observe. As space is limited, please RSVP so if on the unlikely event dozens of members decide to show up we can arrange for a larger space. Once approved the minutes of the meeting will be posted on the website as usual. The tentative agenda is:

  1. Business arising
    • research from Edgar and Mark on costs and process of becoming charitable
    • audit committee search
  2. Choose a date for the next Annual Meeting
  3. Progress report on “Beard Team”
  4. Proposal: “2011 Spirit of Rasputin’s LIVE Retrospective” CD
  5. Proposal: Members’ Concerts in September and June
  6. Possibility for SoR to become a co-sponsor of three folk-related CKCU shows
  7. Ottawa Grassroots Festival April 28
    • Requests use of our piano
    • Requests Spirit to sponsor afternoon Open Stage (1 hour)
    • Financial sponsorship?

Members’ Events

On the website at the bottom of the right sidebar there is a listing of events in which Spirit members are the producers or participants. There is also a page for these events at which is easier to read and easy to link to.

These are not our regular Spirit of Rasputin’s events. They are independent events related to us only through our family of members. As a member, if you are organizing or participating in an event you wish to list, you can enter it yourself:

  1. Login to the site (upper right corner of the website),
  2. Click “Edit my profile” to go to the Dashboard
  3. Click the “Events” tab in the left margin of the Dashboard
  4. Fill in the events form and save it

Use the format of the other events to guide you. Or email the details to me if that sounds intimidating and I will post it for you.

The board has also decided that requests to advertise unrelated charitable events will also be listed on the Members’ Events page as long as these events also support the goals and philosophy of Spirit of Rasputins.

Become a Volunteer

We have a new page dedicated to seeking out new volunteers for those vacancies that exist and periodically recurr. The page is at and you can find it in the drop down list below the Contact menu item. Carol Noel is putting together a “B Team” as a dedicated concert team to stage all Rasputin’s Beards. This will free up the usual concert team to tackle new challenges in addition to the concert series. We continue to grow! If you are interested, email (volunteers null@null rasputins

See you at Missy’s CD release on the 19th!!

Hollis Morgan
President, Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society

Board to Meet on October 11, 2011

NOTE: Edited November 10 to indicate change of venue.

The board of directors will meet Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Any Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society member may attend to observe. Since space is limited, please advise Mark Evenchick ( 613-521-3097 ) in advance if you plan to attend. The minutes of decisions will be posted to the website following their approval. The following agenda was distributed to the board members (Mark Evenchick, Pat Moore, Hollis Morgan, Edgar Schmidt and Chris White):

When: 7:00pm – 10pm Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Where: 2177 Braeside Ave, Ottawa (Mark’s house)


1. Approval of minutes from May 26 meeting
2. Business arising from the minutes
3. Brief Treasurer’s report
4. Member announcements area on website
5. Requests to announce non-SoR charitable events in our Newsletters
6. Evolution of Rasputin’s Beard
7. Moving toward charitable status
8. Establishing a permanent venue fund and associated fundraising campaign
9. State of planning the Oct 22 event (Sheesham and Lotus; Dean Verger)

Member Events on Website

We have added the capability for you, as a member, to announce events you are organizing. Members’ Events has its own easy-to-read web page ( )as well as being listed at the bottom of the right sidebar on every web page in smaller typeface. Anyone who wishes to list their own event can do so by logging onto the site and clicking the Events item on the left hand side. Just fill in the form. If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to call me for assistance: 613-832-9235.


Hollis Morgan
President, Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society

2011/2012 Spirit of Rasputin’s Concert Lineup

As a member you get first notice! And a bonus!

In mid-August the SoR calendar will be updated with the concert lineup details and on-line tickets for the general public at our e-Store. In the meantime, you can click the Buy Now link beside each concert item below to purchase tickets in advance. You can also logon to the website and find the concert tickets on the Pay My Dues page (logon required) in the For Members menu.

The Bonus!

For Spirit of Rasputin’s members (that’s you!!), a package price for all Saturday concerts is available for $130. That is a saving of $20, or the equivalent of one free concert. Click here to buy the Rasputin’s Concert Package. (https://www NULL.paypal (It’s also available in the For Members area of the website.)

The 2011/2012 Concert Series

Kate Morgan, our Artistic Director, has arranged a diverse concert series focussing on rising local and regional talent as well as two nationally acclaimed groups. Most concerts will again be presented at the Westboro Masonic Hall with three exceptions. Two shows, both big acts, will be at the First Unitarian Congregation at 30 Cleary Ave because we expect to need the extra space. One show, Gil’s Hootenanny, will be at the NAC Fourth Stage. All concerts are on Saturday evenings and start at 8 pm except the May Day hootenanny, which is on a Tuesday this year and will start at 7:30.

We are also planning a holiday season “twist” on the Rasputin’s Beard concept we are calling Santa’s Beard planned for December 17. Sponsored by PSAC, this will be a fund raising event for an as yet unnamed charity. With PSAC’s support, this will be the first Beard where the musicians actually get paid.

Drum roll please….here’s the lineup:

September 17, 2011 (no cover, pass-the-hat)
Rasputin’s Beard (our traditional season opener)
Featuring: “Fumblin’ Fingers (http://www NULL.fumblinfingers“, “Steel Moon (http://www NULL.steelmoonsound“, “Pouch Cotatoes”, and “Lost Colt (http://www NULL.myspace

October 22, 2011 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
“Hats ‘n Spats” Gala with Sheesham and Lotus
A Tribute to Dean Verger with surprise guests and music by Sheesham & Lotus (http://www NULL.sheeshamandlotus )
Here’s a Youtube of Sheesham and Lotus (http://www

November 19, 2011 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
Missy Burgess (http://www NULL.missyburgess and Keith Glass
Our very own “Missy” has a new CD. This is the official “CD Release Concert”

December 17, 2011 (no cover, pass-the-hat)
Santa’s Beard sponsored by PSAC
Featured performers will be announced in the fall

January 21, 2012 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
Anders Drerup (http://www NULL.myspace with special guests Kelly Prescott (http://www NULL.myspace and Adam Puddington (http://www NULL.adampuddington

February 4, 2012 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
Lynn Hanson (http://www NULL.lynnehanson )
Winner 2010 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award

March 10, 2012 $25 Cancelled
The Creeking Tree String Quartet (http://www NULL.myspace
Twice Juno Award Nominated
Location: First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 30 Cleary Street, Ottawa

April 21, 2012 $20 Buy Now (https://www NULL.paypal
John Bowman and Amanda Rheume (http://www NULL.amandarheaume
A shared evening with two excellent local acts.(Youtube Amanda (http://youtu (Youtube John (http://youtu

Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 7:30pm “MAY DAY” $10

John Bowman
will be featuring songs from his debut CD,Beach on the Ocean. In the late 70’s John began to perform as a solo singer/songwriter and wrote a large number of songs. Since moving to Ottawa from Vancouver he adopted the Rasputin’s Open Stage and other open mics around town as his sounding board. He is also a consistent contributor to Writer’s Bloc.

Amanda Rheume’s
musical journey has taken her to Lilith Fair, alongside Sarah McLachlan, the Dixie Chicks, Indigo Girls and Sheryl Crow. Her music has spanned the musical landscape of rock, pop, folk, and roots. She has returned to her roots and what makes all this extraordinary is that “Light of Another Day” is Amanda Rheaume’s first full length album.

Sultans of String,
“Canada’s ambassadors of musical diversity,” thrill their audiences with their global sonic tapestry of Spanish Flamenco, Arabic folk, Cuban rhythms, and French Manouche Gypsy-jazz, celebrating musical fusion and human creativity with warmth and virtuosity. Fiery violin dances with rumba-flamenco guitar while a funk bass lays down unstoppable grooves. Acoustic strings meet with electronic wizardry to create layers and depth of sound, while world rhythms excite audiences to their feet with the irresistible need to dance.

The end of a wonderful season

Members: 71 and still growing!!

In this message:
1. What a year…but hold on to your hats!!
2. Season Finale “Hot Summer – Cold Potluck” this Saturday

What a Year…but hold on to your hats!!

We have had a very encouraging and enjoyable season of concerts, open stages, jams, and special events due almost entirely to our engaged and supportive membership (that would be you), and our hard working and active volunteers. Spirit of Rasputin’s members, through their financial and moral support, and the volunteers, through their time and effort have all made this season a true success. You deserve a collective pat-on-the-back!

Spirit continues to grow through increased membership and increased concert attendance. In fact, three events planned next season will require much larger capacity than the 120 seat Westboro Masonic Hall. The final contract negotiations for next season are almost complete and the lineup will be announced to you, the members, in July to afford you first opportunity to reserve tickets. At this time I can tell you about the new venues we will be using for the three largest concerts.

  • The May Day Songs of Protest Songs of Hope, a.k.a. The Gil Levine Hootenanny, continues to grow exponentially. Next season it will move to the NAC Fourth Stage (capacity: 180). I’m sure it will continue to be packed to the rafters just as it was at the WMH seven weeks ago and at the Elmdale the year before. The cabaret atmosphere at the 4th Stage is really suitable for this event. CUPE and the Levine Family will continue as major sponsors.
  • Two of our feature concerts will take place at the First Unitarian Congregation at 30 Cleary Ave just east of Woodroffe. Their gorgeous and comfortable Worship Hall seats up to 250. Acoustically, this hall is well suited to folk, chamber and classical music…just our style!! You will be delighted with the two acts our artistic director, Kate Morgan, has chosen for this venue. We will also have full use of the adjoining Fellowship Hall, kitchen, and dining area for refreshments.

Season Finale “Hot Summer – Cold Potluck” this Saturday

All members are invited to a potluck dinner this Saturday at the Westboro Masonic Hall. This will preceed the season’s wrap-up concert: Rasputin’s Beard. To make things manageable, there are a couple of guidelines:

  1. Doors open at 5pm, dinner will “happen” between 6 and 7;
  2. Try to bring picnic-style cold food items. There is limited capacity for heating food items;
  3. Please bring your own plates and utensils if you can (Blue Skies style);
  4. Remove all personal food items and personal utensils from the hall and kitchen by 7:15 to allow the venue to be setup for the 8pm concert.

Please bring sufficient food for you and your family and perhaps a little more so we can share among us. There are plates and utensils available in the kitchen, but it would be kind on the kitchen staff to not rely on them for clean-up.

Remember, the Beard is a “no-cover” pass-the-hat event suitable for the entire family. This is a nice opportunity to celebrate the end of this concert season.

Hollis Morgan
President, Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society
(613) 832-9235

P.S. Don’t forget that the Open Stage every Monday at Whispers and the Folk-along Jam every Tuesday at the Georgetown will continue right through the summer months.

My, My, May

Members: 66

The complete members list is here (logon required)

Notice of Board of Director’s Meeting

Members are reminded of their right to attend and observe board meetings. Minutes of past board meetings are posted on the website here. (logon required)

Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011
Time: 7:00pm Board (in camera)
7:30pm Board (open meeting)

Place: 2177 Braeside Ave (off Kilborn just east of Alta Vista)
– the home of Heather and Mark Evenchick

Invited: The volunteer team leaders: Sylvia Bogusis, Heather Evenchick, Sjef Frenken, Elaine Gibson, Katherine Gunn, John Lloyd, Rick McGrath, Kate Morgan, Carol Noel, Paul Slater, Tony Turner

Following some general administrative items, the main purpose of this meeting is to introduce our new Volunteer Coordinator to the Team Leaders; to have a good discussion about how our teams are doing; and, to discuss how we may best organize ourselves to hit the ground running for our next big season.

1. (In camera) Consideration of members with delinquent dues
(Remainder of meeting open to observers)
2. Reiteration of the rules for observers during board meetings
3. Treasurer’s report including specific outcomes from Gil’s Hootenanny
4. Gil’s Hootenanny Recording – What do we do with it?
5. Alternate or larger venue considerations
6. FolkFest negotiations
7. Finalize date/format/notification deadlines for volunteer’s party
8. Introduction and welcome of Elaine Gibson as Volunteer Coordinator
9. Team Leaders round-robin: what we do, who helps with what.

Introducing Elaine Gibson, SoR Volunteer Coordinator

Spirit member Elaine Gibson has accepted the board’s appointment as our Volunteer Coordinator. You may have seen Elaine assisting on the hospitality team for the past few events. Her LinkedIn profile describes her specialty skills as conflict management, event management, government relations, management training, marketing, computer skills, policy analysis, communications, research, workshops – planning and facilitation. I have worked with Elaine on a couple of Earth Day events and on other events and I know she is a strong addition to our talent pool. If you Google “Elaine Gibson, Ottawa” the first three pages are entirely about Elaine and her various activities. We are all truly grateful she has agreed to assume this vital role.

Tour of Centrepoint Studio Theatre

Board members Pat Moore, Chris White, myself, and hospitality volunteer Sylvia Bogusis attended the information session and tour of the brand new Centrepoint Studio Theatre last Monday May 9th. This is a very modern and versatile space that may suit certain of our largest events very well. During this past concert season, two of our events were clearly too large for our current concert hall. Where attendance and budget permit, a larger venue is something we need to consider. The Centrepoint Studio seats between 165 and 247 depending on the configuration chosen. The amenities are first class, and they have a welcoming attitude toward not-for-profit organizations with a strong community focus such as Spirit of Rasputin’s. No dates have been booked yet, but negotiations on rental and other costing factors have begun.

The Echo Hunters with Ball and Chain

I hope many of you can come to this Saturday’s concert (8pm Westboro Masons Hall). We are hoping for a good crowd but advance ticket sales have been modest. So consider this an appeal if you were considering coming but had not yet made up your mind. We are going to set the room up differently this time…some cafe tables from the basement and space for dancing as well. We are learning that this wonderful Hall works best when it is not too crowded. This is a good opportunity to try out a small cafe style area.

Lottery Winners

Congratulations to the following members/volunteers who were selected at random to receive complimentary tickets to The Echo Hunters show:

Chris White, Janette Hamilton-Silcoff, Sylvia Bogusis, Linda Hume-Sastre, John Lloyd, and Lynn Stevenson.

That’s it for now. Keep up the Spirit.

Hollis Morgan
President, Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society

Board to Meet on April 20, 2011

The board of directors will meet Wednesday, April 20, 2011. Any Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society member may attend to observe. Since space is limited, please advise Mark Evenchick ( 613-521-3097 ) in advance if you plan to attend. The minutes of decisions will be posted to the website following their approval. The following agenda was distributed to the board members (Mark Evenchick, Pat Moore, Hollis Morgan, Edgar Schmidt and Chris White):

When: 7:30pm – 10pm Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Where: 2177 Braeside Ave, Ottawa (Mark’s house)

1. Welcome, and connect with Chris via speaker-phone
2. Approval of minutes from March 18 meeting
3. Motion “Process for Making Decisions” tabled by Chris (see below)
4. Information items
– from Kate: status update: 2011/2012 Concert bookings
– from John: status of Folkcast (John Lloyd)
– winners for volunteers/members ticket lotteries
– follow-up on solicitation for “Volunteer Coordinator”
– Communications Team Leader
– WMH requesting consideration for our afternoon setup time.
5. Business arising
– inductees for Honourary Lifetime Memberships
– policy for partnership events
6. Not-for-profit networks
– reasonable budget for such memberships
– reasonable budget for workshops and conferances
– OCFF Small Not-for-profit membership is $100 + HST. (3 votes and 3 member rates for events).
– Ottawa Festivals Network (over 50 not-for-profit festivals, special events, and fairs )
– Volunteer Ottawa
7. Ottawa Folk Festival “partnership memorandum” proposal
8. Spending authorities for officers and event organizers
9. Invitation list for Volunteer Party Sunday June 12
10. Next meeting time/place

Motion: “Process for making decisions” tabled by Chris White

“Being mindful of the trust placed in us by the membership, and acknowledging that our decision-making practices set a precedent, not just for the current board but for future boards…

* We will consciously strive to model exemplary board procedures and decision-making practices.
* We will avoid being happy simply with “quorum”, and instead attempt to involve all board members in decisions.
* Looking down the road to perhaps a very different group of board members, we will model the behaviour we hope to see later in others.”

Hollis Morgan, President

Board to meet on March 18

The board of directors will meet this Friday, March 18. Any SoR member may attend to observe, but be advised that space is limited since the meeting is at board member Pat Moore’s home. The minutes of decisions will be posted to the website following their approval. The following agenda was distributed to the board members (Mark Evenchick, Pat Moore, Hollis Morgan, Edgar Schmidt and Chris White):


When: 7:30pm – 10pm Friday, March 18, 2011
Where: 612 Courtenay Ave, Ottawa (Pat Moore’s house)

Invitees: John Lloyd, (1), Rick McGrath (item 2).
John and Rick are invited to participate in the information items relevent to their events.

Information Items
1. Folk-a-long Jam new location – Note: Xpresso Cafe under new ownership
2. OFC/Spirit Folkcast – discussions ongong with OFC

Decisions required on four items:
3. Complimentary tickets policy for concerts and partnership events
4. Lifetime memberships as per AGM resolution
5. By-law consolidation process
6. Verify info for our “Form 1 Notice of Change”

For discussion
7. Volunteer Coordinator – where are we
8. Policy/Process for involvement in partnership events
9. Ottawa Opry participation

If time permits to discuss:
10 YouTeam video team
11 Artist Development Program

Hollis Morgan, President

March 7, 2011

In this Members’ News:

  1. Spirit continues to grow
  2. The board solicits expressions of interest for Volunteer Coordinator
  3. Xpresso Cafe closed while changing owners
  4. New: Pay your 2011 dues on-line!!

Spirit continues to grow

Spirit of Rasputin’s has grown to 43 members. Here’s the list (login required).

Spirit seeks expressions of interest for Volunteer Coordinator

One of the most important offices of our organization is that of Volunteer Coordinator. Our by-laws describe it this way:

“The volunteer coordinator shall assure that sufficient volunteers are in place to plan and carry out all events authorized by the board. The Volunteer coordinator has the authority to establish teams and assign team leadership to assure that tasks required for the success of events are fulfilled in an efficient manner with due regard to workloads imposed on individual volunteers.”

At the moment this office is unfilled. But all our teams are in place and functioning quite autonomously on their own, so this is not a critical absence for the next short while. However, it is reasonable to expect changes to occur through attrition and recruitment of new volunteers. As we go through the summer and organize the launch of next season’s events, the need to have this position filled is obvious.

The board of directors invites any of you who wish to express your interest in filling this key office to reply to this e-mail. We hope to establish a “short list” to be followed by an appointment this spring. This position requires strong inter-personal skills and sensitivity. An army may run on its stomach, but Spirit runs on the good will of its volunteers. The teams in place right now are outined here. (login required)

Over half our membership (22 out of 43) volunteer in some capacity to keep spirit events rolling along smoothly. I think that’s extraordinary. If you think you can help to coordinate these dedicated teams, please reply to this email and tell us something about yourself and describe why you are the right person for this office.

Xpresso Cafe closed while changing owners

We have just been informed that Salim has sold the Xpresso Cafe to new owners and during the switch-over has decided not to stay open during the evenings. The Folk-a-long Jam’s for March 8th and March 15th will take place at the Georgetown Sports Pub, 1159 Bank St…great fish ‘n chips and apple strudel to die for. The room we use at the Georgetown can be a little cramped when attendance is high, but they have graciously agreed to host the Folk-a-long Jam again (as they did for a while before the move to the Xpresso) to give us time to assess a more permanent location.

New: Pay your dues on-line!!

We have created a PayPal item so you can pay your 2011 dues conveniently on-line using your credit card or PayPal account. Just click here to pay your dues right now (https://www NULL.paypal,
or login to the website at any time at the Pay My Dues page (login required) and follow the link from there.


Hollis Morgan,
President, Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society


A Lively and Effective First AGM!

Last Sunday, 16 members were called to order at 2:15pm by A/GM Lynn Stevenson for our first ever Annual General Meeting. Eight members were also represented by proxy. That meant two thirds of the entire membership were represented. What followed was a thoughtful and reasoned discussion around the resolutions and recommendations that will shape our organization in the coming years. We followed Roberts Rules Revised,  as well as a bunch of old folkies could, under the careful guidance of our Secretary, Edgar Schmidt. The meeting was adjourned shortly after 5pm.

Lynn’s opening remarks, Retrospective on an Amazing Year, provided a thorough and impressive recap of the past year. It is a non-stop list of achievements and events. If you weren’t there, it’s on the home page of the website for all to read. Edgar’s excellent minutes are also on the website in the Members area (you’ll have to log on to see them). Those who attended  should review it for accuracy and report any factual errors by replying to this email.

Here is a brief run down of some of the decisions taken:

  • 2011 dues were set at $20;
  • The number of directors was fixed at five;
  • The offices of General Manager and Assistant General Manager were  removed;
  • The offices of President (a board member) and Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator were created;
  • The 2011 Audit Committee composed of Paul Slater and Sylvia Bogusis was approved;
  • An Artist Development Program was recommended to give more focus to developing local talent; and
  • A new board of directors was elected consisting of Mark Evenchick, Pat Moore, Hollis Morgan, Edgar Schmidt, and Chris White.

A number of other items were passed to the board for consideration (read the minutes!). Also, tributes and appreciation of the First Directors, and in particular, the contribution of George Laing were expressed. The consolidated By-laws will be posted on the website in the Members area as soon as they are ready.

Following the AGM, the new board held its first meeting where it elected Hollis Morgan as President. The board also concluded that the office of vice-president was a necessary backup to the president and appointed Pat Moore as Vice-president. The board members decided that Hollis and Mark Evenchick would serve the required two year terms with the rest of the board serving one year terms. Mark Evenchick was confirmed as Treasurer for another term, as was Edgar Schmidt as Secretary. The search is now on two fill the roles of Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator.

Other roles confirmed were Chris White in the new role of Organizational/Community Liaison (with a view to obtaining support in various ways from other businesses and organizations) and Kate Morgan as Artistic Director. Kate will be able to draw support from past AD’s as well as from Chris.

There were a number of other administrative issues dealt with as well and, once they are approved by the directors, the minutes of will posted to the members area of the website.

The only sad part of the day was there wasn’t enough time to jam!! The discussions were well thought out and many members needed more time to express their views. Next year, we need to plan a real party. How about an hour or so of business followed by a pot-luck supper and an open stage? That sounds like The Spirit to me.

See you at the David Woodhead show on Saturday.


Hollis Morgan

President, Spirit of Rasputin’s