AGENDA | Annual General Meeting, May 7, 2017


  1. Treasurer’s financial review
  2. Election of officers
  3. Volunteer positions to fill:
    • Webmaster
    • Secretary
    • Membership Coordinator
    • Archivist (for past posters, publicity material, etc)
    • Artistic Director – Further discussion: It has been suggested that if a search for an AD is not successful in next months, that a small committee be formed as an interim solution, to arrange the Featured Artist lineup for the first part of 2018.
  4. Inventory
    • Purchase of accounting Software for financial updates
    • Purchase of vocal mics and large speakers from Hollis
    • Acquisition of CD duplicator and printer for small runs
  5. Vision, discussion on where does SoR go from here?
    •  Expand, contract or status quo?
    •  Relationship with Folkrum ?
    •  Youth initiative – so far not successful.
    •  Venues – the Montgomery Legion now home to Folk Jam
    • What about The Next Stage, Rasputin’s Beard, Chrysalis, Songalong
  6. Other Business
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