Who knew an AGM could be this much fun?

Rasputinites! We’re holding our Annual General Meeting of Spirit of Rasputin’s, Ottawa’s folk music society, on Monday, June 11 at 5:00 pm. And we’ve picked the right spot: Whispers (https://rasputins NULL.us7 NULL.list-manage NULL.com/track/click?u=fbfa4f14cd2553f028e977eaa&id=2ea230ab7f&e=b66862c01f), our favourite pub, at 249 Richmond Road (https://rasputins NULL.us7 NULL.list-manage NULL.com/track/click?u=fbfa4f14cd2553f028e977eaa&id=554d135713&e=b66862c01f) in Westboro.

So you’ll be able to take part in the AGM and then stay around for our usual Monday night Open Stage at 7:00 pm, featuring performing and songwriting by our talented members, including a number of new faces who have joined us recently.

At the AGM we’ll be discussing our plans for Spirit of Rasputin’s in the season to come. We’d like to hear from you! It’s open to everyone who loves music. And if you’re hungry or thirsty around that time of the evening — and who isn’t? — that tasty Whispers menu (https://rasputins NULL.us7 NULL.list-manage NULL.com/track/click?u=fbfa4f14cd2553f028e977eaa&id=e4debc226b&e=b66862c01f) is available.

See you on Monday the 11th at 5:00 pm!

Questions? Write to comms@rasputins.ca (comms null@null rasputins NULL.ca)

Musicians and singers: An opportunity to help

Hospice Care Ottawa (https://www NULL.hospicecareottawa NULL.ca/) offers palliative and end-of-life programs and services with no charge to clients or their families. Their Day Hospice service provides a day out in a warm and friendly environment at three sites in the city. Volunteer musicians or singers who could entertain hospice clients would be very welcome. Singles, duos or groups of up to five are ideal. If this interests you, or if you know someone who might be interested, you can contact volunteer.services@hospicecareottawa.ca (volunteer NULL.services null@null hospicecareottawa NULL.ca)

Continuing at Spirit of Rasputin’s

Each Monday night at 7:00 pm we hold our Open Stage (https://rasputins NULL.us7 NULL.list-manage NULL.com/track/click?u=fbfa4f14cd2553f028e977eaa&id=22e4ea4a41&e=b66862c01f) at the Whispers pub in Westboro. And on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm it’s the Folk-along Jam (https://rasputins NULL.us7 NULL.list-manage NULL.com/track/click?u=fbfa4f14cd2553f028e977eaa&id=37d8dae8b2&e=b66862c01f) at the Vimy Brewing Company.

Questions or comments? Write comms@rasputins.ca (comms null@null rasputins NULL.ca).