Rasputin’s Beard – June 16, 2012

Rasputin's Beard June 16 2012

Who: Cornflower Blue, The Plikingtones, Jazz Latté, Duet Cantabile
When: 8pm, Saturday June 16
Where: Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill at Byron
Why: To support the Ottawa Food Bank
Sponsor: Public Service Alliance of Canada, National Capital Region
No cover charge. We will pass the hat to support the Ottawa Food bank. (Please, no food donations.) Cash is the Food Bank’s most useful and versatile donation.

Cornflower Blue

Rocking like an unsaddled crazy Canadian horse! Cornflower Blue is Trevor May and Theresa McInerney – a pair of Ottawa musicians that have been playing and recording together for over 15 years.  Encouraged by the radio success of their first single, “Dangle”, they put a band together and in December of 2011 released their second album: Run Down the Rails. The title track and first single reached position #7 on the Roots Music Report ‘Roots Country’ and ‘Roots Canada’ radio charts, as well as charting in the top 100 of Nashville’s Music Row ‘Country Breakout’ chart. Rootsy arrangements, thoughtful lyrics, stunning harmonies, and hot guitar solos have led people to compare Cornflower Blue to other female/male musical partnerships like Linda and Richard Thompson, and Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons.  The second album is filled with universal tales of the human condition including ending relationships (Run Down the Rails, Morning in the Burned House), re-kindling old relationships (Try Again), and losing a loved one (Car in the Parking Lot, Fisherman’s Blues).

http://www.cornflowerbluemusic.com/ (http://www NULL.cornflowerbluemusic NULL.com/)

The Pilkingtones

The Pilkingtones are Graham Pilkington, Brennan Pilkington and Alrick Huebener. Graham and Brennan first ran into Alrick last year at the annual Pilkington family BBQ in Austin, Texas. Noticing Alrick on the periphery, he was invited to join the festivities and was easily drawn in by the allure of cold beer and fritters. A common interest in music united the three in growing friendship culminating in the formation of The Pilkingtones to showcase some of Graham’s original song material in a trio format. Alrick, although not a Pilkington by name, has by his convivial nature, won his way into their hearts and become an inseparable part of the group’s anatomy. It further delighted the boys to discover that, unbeknownst to them, Alrick, like themselves, had also been a regular performer in the Ottawa music scene back home.

Jazz Latte

Jazz Latte is the invention of vocalist Mary Moore. Mary has sung a wide variety of music including folk, country, choral and old time. Her strong voice was well suited to the several years she has fronted Souper Jazz, raising donations for the Shepherds of Good Hope. A few years ago at Jazz Camp, Mary was introduced to the wonderful subtleties of jazz vocalizing; she has since worked with voice coach Kim Schonnig to hone those skills. At Jazz Camp she  also met  other jazz enthusiasts, like pianist  Marylise Chauvette, a classically trained jazz pianist, who brings energy and warmth to her impromtu interpretations. Mary and Marylise have performed together in a variety of venues, including Ottawa’s Christmas Goose, 2011, and the Merrickville jazz fest. Joining Mary at the Beard will be Marylise on keyboard, David Finlayson on percussion, Flavio Gorge on bass and Adam Cwinn on sax. So sit back and snap your fingers to the jazz offerings of Jazz Latte – a creamy blend of jazz standards and original jazz compositions.

Duet Cantabile

Duet Cantabile

Vlada Chametka, violin, and Mikhail Rykov, guitar, play a wide variety of classical, light classical, and traditional Belorussian music. They have just completed their first studio CD. Their own arrangements of popular and traditional tunes are combined with light classical pieces. This will be a wonderfully peaceful and beautiful way to end this season of Beards!

Public Service Alliance of Canada National Capital Region

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