What is a Sing-Along-able Song?

We made up the term “sing-along-able song” specifically for the Gil’s Hootenanny Song-writing Contest. While we have deliberately not over-defined what a “Song of Protest, Song of Hope” is, we are looking for songs to help make the world a better place.

What Attributes Are The Judges Looking For?

  1. “Socially conscious” song of protest or hope
  2. Easily taught from the stage without song sheets
  3. High percentage of the song involves audience participation
  4. Recently composed
  5. Contemporary or ‘timeless’ lyrics
  6. Clever, original, memorable
  7. The submission demonstrates how it can be taught to an audience.

What Will The Judges Not Like?

  1. Older song that does not fit or barely fits the required attributes
  2. A typical pop love song (that’s not what we mean by a song of hope).

What is considered irrelevant?

  1. The recording sophistication: Home recordings are not scored lower than studio recordings. Just make sure we can hear the words.
  2. The performance skill of the singer or musician. It’s all about the song. There have been respectable a capella submissions in the past.
  3. The ability or willingness to perform in public. You are free to invite someone else to perform your song.