photo of Dean at microphone Workshops

Dean owned and ran Rasputin’s Folk Cafe for over 27 years.

During that time he observed thousands of performances, collecting a large body of experience from both professional and novice performers.

These experiences of working in the arts, and as a performer in his own right, set the ground work that helped develop a number of workshops for large and small groups.
  1. Microphone Workshop
    • a hands on workshop on the practical aspects of using a microphone for live performances
    • how to communicate with the person handling the sound board
    • how to Tell while looking at your audience
    • how to feel comfortable around the technology

  2. Defining Stage Fright
    • brief overview with discussion of Stage Fright as it is understood today
    • interactive discussion about those things a teller can do to prepare for a gig that will help reduce stress
    • contingency planning, or the art of being ready to deal with surprises
    • the practice journal

  3. Recognising the signs of Stage Fright
    • looking at the physical, cognitive, and behavioural aspects that occur before, during and after

  4. Contingency Planning
    • feel better by knowing what can go wrong, and then planning for it

  5. Critiquing or Coaching
    • how to take control of your feedback
    • working towards a goal
    • remember the positive
    • the practice journal

Dean Verger

Dean has acted with Ottawa’s Theater For Children, Orpheus, and Ottawa Little Theater. As a Storyteller he has appeared at Centrepointe Theater, and on stage at the National Arts Centre' Fourth Stage.

He has performed his original works on CBC and CTV. He has appeared across Canada at festivals, cafes, schools, and libraries. Dean recently toured his storytelling adaptation of Herman Melville's "Moby Dick".

photo of Dean with hat
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